An Electrical COC or certifcate of compliance is required by law when selling a property or adding any electrical component to an installation. A valid COC is required when you want to lodge an insurance claim in the event of fire, inclemental weather or vandalism.

A Coc is valid for life as long as you own the property, but is only valid for two years in the case if the property gets sold or transfered to a diferent entity.

The person/ electrician / engineer who issues the CoC has to be registered with the department of Labour and be in possesion of a valid Wireman's Licence.

Beewise Electrical is registered with the department of labour (under the name In-Phase electrical) and with the ECA (electrical contractors association).

Our work is gauranteed through the ECA and in the event of a dispute, the ECA will mediate to resolve the matter.

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