We supply and maintain UPS Systems or Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems for commercial and Industrial use.

There are many different sizes and types of UPS' and each situation would require a specific UPS System:

Offline UPS or also known as "inverters":

These type of UPS' are the cheapest kind you can get as a battery back up solution and vary in range from 450VA to 5KVA . they commonly get used as small desktop  UPS" for one to 6 PC's, TV's CCTV camera recorders, gas geyser back ups etc. The larger inverter type has a bigger charger controler on board allowing for bigger batteries to be added and are typically found in smal business and domestic apllications where the requirement varies from 1 - 4 hours back up. 

The down side of these types of UPS' are that they have simulated sine wave output that is not always compatible to the load requirement, newer version have pure sine wave outputs nessassry for loads like fridges, cfll globes etc

Line interactive UPS'

L.I UPS' are also a cheaper alternative to online UPS" and usualy vary in size form 600VA to 3KVA (depending on the load requirements) .They offer some form of protection between the supply line (utility) and the output by means of an AVR (automatic voltage regulation) that acts like a filter should there be any "dips" or spikes in the supply line.

Online UPS'

Online UPS'are the more expensivetype UPS' with full sine wave outputs offering protection from the supply line to the load from by means of double conversion. this means whatever fluctuation you have on the input / mains side of the UPS, the load will always receive  constant voltage and frequency, making it suitable for sensitve equipment like servers, medical equipment etc.

We have been in the UPS industry for the last 25 years and give expert advise on a suitable UPS or inverter to cater for the client's specifc needs and budget.

Beewise electrical have accounts with various suppliers offering the client a wide variaty of options for the best solutions.

Our products include the following:

  1. Tescom 600VA - 500KVA
  2. Powermaster
  3. Durapower
  4. Ellies

Our preferred UPS supplier is Tescom because of their track record, after sales service and quality products (including NB spare parts!) .

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