Our services include

  • 24/7 Emergencies
  • Electrical panel upgrades and installations
  • Circuit installations and upgrades
  • Pre-paid meters installations
  • Electrical fault-finding (earth leakage, main switch plugs, lights, DB boards etc.)
  • Surge protection
  • Generator installations and change over switches
  • Stove repairs
  • Install outdoor lighting, light fixtures, floodlights etc.
  • LED lighting installation and energy saving technology
  • Certificates of Electrical Compliance (COC)
  • Fixing all residential, commercial and industrial electrical wiring problems
  • Electrical Fault-finding and repairs to existing electrical installations (earth leakage, main switch plugs, lights, DB boards etc.)
  • Electrical testing/inspections
  • Geyser elements replaced
  • Electric Earth Leakages repairs
  • Repairing electricity circuit breakers/boxes
  • Electrical Fixture installations
  • General electrical maintenance (power failures)
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installation, repair and maintenance
  • Pool pump fault-finding, repairs and new installation
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Our ability to react with speed ensures that emergencies are dealt with swiftly. Our neat approach to our work means that projects are completed without hindrance to our clients; we take this very seriously. We are often commended by clients for the friendly and client-centric approach of our team members. We have selected our team based on a blend of their experience, skill sets, track-record, passion for plumbing and electrical and the ability to truly engage with our clients. The results we offer is ultimately proven through our excellent references and continued word-of-mouth referrals we receive.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you move my plug to the middle of my wall behind my TV, so I won’t see my cords running down the wall?

The short answer to this question is, generally, yes! Electrical outlets can often be relocated elsewhere in your wall to eliminate unsightly cords. However this process does involve cutting a new hole in your wall for the new outlet placement and patching the wall where the outlet once sat. Additionally, there are a few constraints on outlet placement, such as stud location—your residential electrician will be able to give you more details, once he sees your home.


My exterior fixture burns out frequently. Should I get it repaired?

Power surges can cause this as well as larger wattage bulbs that build-up heat fast and shorten the life of the bulb. If it’s becoming too frequent, you should get it repaired as soon as possible.


Why doesn't my light switch work for my lighting fixture?

There are many reasons your light switch may not work for your lighting fixture. The simplest explanation is a tripped circuit, which affects the flow of power from your switch to your lighting. Other possibilities include burned-out or corroded contacts, damaged wiring, or a problem with the wiring or light sockets in your light fixture.


Can I change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?

Replacing any existing light switch with a dimmer switch is a simple task—as long as you’re an electrician. Installing a dimmer switch properly requires more than simply removing the old switch and replacing it with a new one. During this process, your electrician will also check the condition of the wiring, make sure the switch is properly grounded, and ensure the box is large enough to safely contain the new wiring associated with your dimmer switch. Any time you want to replace an existing switch with a dimmer switch.



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