Enersmart Electrical, Pretoria Electricians, based in Pretoria East services the greater Pretoria (Tshwane) area. We have been in business servicing Pretoria, Gauteng,South Africa and parts of Africa as Electricians since 2010. Enersmart Electrical spesialise in the following areas:

  1. Electrical Installations for residential-, commercial- and industrial properties
  2. Issue of CoC,s (Certificate of Compliance)
  3. Lighting projects
  4. Engineer drawings in CAD
  5. Design supply and installation of backup electrical systems combining:
  • Solar power generation (PV),
  • Inverters,
  • UPS Systems,
  • Generators and
  • Power factor correction

Being qualified electricians we have seen many people try and make money overnight with generators and UPS systems everytime there is a load shedding problem in South Africa. Suddenly you go for a haircut and you hear that your barber has invested in UPS systems and Generators. We have experienced first hand that people wake up after 4-5 years and find that they can get no parts or backup services from their wannabee backup power solution providers. We will not offer to cut your hair or offer you investment advice (Investing in Solar with immediate tax benefits is a good investment!) but we offer to provide professional electrical services including comprehensive, economical backup power solutions.

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