+ How does South African tax laws benefit companies with regards to Solar Installations?

+ I bought an UPS 5 years ago when we had loadshedding. I have not used it since. What is the lifespan on a standard UPS? What maintenance can be done on an UPS to extend it's use?

+ What electrical maintenance at your average house say in Pretoria East is the most important ?

+ How many years will your Solar Panels last? What warranties do you offer on your Solar Panels?

+ How much solar power is needed to power the very essentials at my home office? Let's say my wifi router , 3 computers, lights in office, television. (I am a stock broker)

+ Why or when do I need a CoC (Certificate of Electrical Compliance). My brother is a handyman. Why must I get a qualified and registered Electrician to issue a CoC?

+ I see your website domain is Pretoria Electrical. How far outside Pretoria do you generally offer Electrical services?

+ How long will it take for me to recover the initial capital outlay of my investment in a Solar Power Installation?

+ We have a small factory in Pretoria with 3 phase electricity. How does the backup electricity work with three phase electricity?

+ What are the primary components of a Grid-Tied Solar PV System?

+ What size Solar system should one get for your house?

+ What should one consider when looking at the different kind of Inverters ( and the price of Inverters)?

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