An Electrical COC or certifcate of compliance is required by law when selling a property or adding any electrical component to an installation. A valid COC is required when you want to lodge an insurance claim in the event of fire, inclemental weathe

We supply and maintain UPS Systems or Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems for commercial and Industrial use. There are many different sizes and types of UPS' and each situation would require a specific UPS System: Offline UPS or also known a

We design supply and install all types of generators for commercial, industal and domestic use

We have been involved in construction and renovation work for the past 9 years. Building generator rooms, office revamps, battery stands,home revamps etc. see our photo gallery and testimonials for more details

Solar Power Installations can drastically reduce your dependancy on Eskom and keep your business running even trough periods of heavy load shedding. Solar Power Installations are now even more affordable with a 100% Section 12 B tax deduction in year
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